Electrolux Icon vs Electrolux “Ripa” Appliances

We get this question all the time….customer will walking into the showroom, see the Electrolux Icon display and start talking about Mrs. Ripa. No, no, no folks, the Electrolux line that Kelly has so famously touted is right here…quick turn to the right.

Electrolux hasn’t done a bang-up job in distinguishing the two lines, and I’m thinking that’s because they feel the Ripa-effect will trickle over to Icon, which hasn’t been the best case study in how to market premium appliances.


Basically, Electrolux Icon is broken into two lines: Professional and Designer.

Professional – touts the thick, masculine, industrial look that has been rampant in the high-end appliance space for years now.

Designer – softer approach, handles are

curved, more of a European styling.

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I sold something from the Designer line. And I’ve heard that Electrolux might do away with it an

d re-focus Icon on just the Professional line.

So, getting back to Icon vs. “Electrolux Ripa” …

Icon is supposed to be comepting against GE Monogram, Thermador and the likes. They call the category “mass premium”. It is focused on cooking products with a few refrigeration SKU’s. “Electrolux Ripa” is far more comprehensive as it includes laundry (see below post) and has far more sku’s and also offers IQ-Touch controls.

The biggest seller that we see from Icon is the wall ovens – the double E30EW85GPS and the E30EW75GPS single oven. These are convection, boast sliding racks  and that non-essential but oh-so-cool cobalt interior, al la the Wolf oven. Another brisk selling sku is the 36″ induction cooktop, the E36IC75FSS. At $2499 try finding a 36″ induction cooktop in this price range folks!


2 responses to “Electrolux Icon vs Electrolux “Ripa” Appliances

  1. I am looking at both lines right now (icon vs. electrolux) I can not find any information to tell me what (besides the outside appearance) is the difference in any of the appliances.

    • appliancefetish

      Renee – they are both great lines. You can get into a full Electrolux kitchen for about $6-7K and $8-10k if you went with Icon. Icon is going to allow you to get larger range configurations such as a 36″ and a 48″. As of now Electrolux “Ripa” just has the 30″ version.

      Icon also offers true built-in refrigeration in a 42″ and 48″ wine fridge.

      Another difference is the wall ovens – Icon’s are nicer. They have double-paned glass so it doesn’t get hot. They also have nicer sliding racks than the Electrolux Ripa line.

      Icon also offers the Designer series which has the different handles. However, I have heard they are going to phase out the Designer line and focus on the Pro.

      Keep in mind that Electrolux Ripa is about to offer all-new refrigeration as they finally bring their French Door models to the marketplace. Icon doesn’t offer that style.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

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